Program Policies

Behavior Policy

The JST staff is committed to providing a safe, positive, and structured environment for all children. While attending the program, all participants and the parent/guardian are asked to understand and comply with the following program rules. In order to maintain a safe environment, please review them with your child.

Children must:
1. Be respectful to other students and instructors. Teasing and bullying are not tolerated and children should report any incidents immediately to their instructor.
2. Listen to instructors and follow directions.
3. Keep hands, feet, inappropriate comments, and objects to yourself.
4. Use equipment and supplies in a safe and appropriate manner as directed by instructors.
5. Adhere to any and all other policies and procedures given by the school.

Parents must:
1. Be on time for pickup unless your child is dismissed to other staff and after-school programs. If a parent or authorized person is late for pickup, a fee of $1 for every minute after dismissal time will be applied.
2. Contact JST’s program director immediately if any issues arise.
3. Adhere to any and all other policies and procedures given by the school.

Grounds for immediate dismissal (no refund given):
1. A parent who fails to comply with JST’s and the school’s policies as stated.
2. A child who brings a weapon to the program.
3. A child who intentionally causes harm to self or other children or staff members.
4. A child who displays inappropriate behaviors repeatedly.
5. A child who fails to comply with JST’s and the school’s policies as stated.

Management of Behavior:
Instructors at times must take action to resolve problems disruptive to the program and/or other participants. While our instructors are not behavior specialists, they are trained to provide basic behavior interventions. To manage disruptive and inappropriate behaviors, instructors will acknowledge the behavior, address it with the child, assess the reasons for the behavior, discuss with the child what is appropriate behavior, redirect behaviors when appropriate, if necessary, remove the child from the activity until the child can exhibit self control and discuss the behavior problems with the parents to strategize possible solutions. In situations where inappropriate or disruptive behavior is reoccurring, the child’s enrollment in the program may be terminated.

JST will make every effort to communicate with parents regarding disciplinary action. Please know that all rules will be reviewed with students at the beginning of the program. It is imperative that both students and parents understand the expectations of the program as well as the potential consequences.

Liability Waiver

I hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless the JST Athletics and Dance, LLC., its directors, staff, participants, and any other affiliates; for, from, and against all liability because of any bodily injury, or property damage, known or unknown, which may occur or result from the participation of the above named child in any and all activities whether the result of negligence or for any other cause of JST Athletics and Dance, LLC. I individually, and as a parent/guardian for my child, have read this release and understood all the terms. I execute it voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance.

Photo Release

I hereby voluntary and without compensation authorize JST Athletics and Dance, LLC. to produce photographs and videos of child participant. This authorization is given on the condition that the materials taken or produced will be used for the purpose of community education and advertising including, but not limited to, web content, printed publications and other promotional materials.

I understand that this grant of permission shall only be revoked by a written instrument delivered to the Director of JST Athletics and Dance, LLC. This consent shall remain in effect unless revoked.

Refund Policy

– Refunds will be given prior to the start of the second class if the child does not wish to participate for the rest of the class session.

– Prorated refunds will not be given for missed days due to vacation, sick days, or other non-emergency reasons.

– Refunds will not be given in the event of child participants dismissal from the program for failure to adhere to policies and procedures stated. The enforcement and discretion of this policy will be the decision of JST’s Director or School Representative or both and is not subject to a hearing or appeal.

Cancellation Policy

If the schools are closed for the entire day due to inclement weather, the program will also be canceled. If it is announced that school will open at a later time, programs will resume as scheduled.

Every effort will be made to make up canceled classes.

*Please note that the policies of the school’s Enrichment/After-School Sponsors or their representatives such as the PTA/PTO shall supersede any of the above.